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Account settings

Thanks for choosing, we are super excited 🤩 to have you.

Setting up and managing user account is super easy. You are 3 steps away from launching your first instance.

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Sign in here.
  3. Add credits here.

Now you can launch your instance 🚀.


Below steps are completely optional, you can spin an instance and train your favourite DL models without any further configuration.

To use some of the advanced features like

  • SSH to the instance
  • Run startup script at the start of an instance
  • Manage instance lifecycle using API
  • Add billing address to the invoice

Please configure the below details

  • Add SSH keys here
  • Add Start up script here
  • Generate API token here
  • Add more user details here - Will be reflected in invoice
  • Apply Coupon here - To avail credits
  • Check your usage in invoice here