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🧬 Automatic1111 Create Stable Diffusion

Use Automatic1111 - Stable Diffusion web UI on Jarvislabs out of the box in less than 60+ seconds ⏰. It comes with 10+ preloaded models.

Get started in 2 simple steps.

  • Launch an instance
  • Start with your creative journey

Launch an instance

Start a instance with framework as Automatic 1111. Choose required GPUs and storage. Create Stable Diffusion

Access the web UI

Once the instance is up and running, right click on your running instance and select the API endpoint. Web Stable Diffusion

This may take a few seconds to load. You can start with your creative journey.

Launch/Modify the parameters used to launch

When the instance is started, we start the from inside a tmux session. You can check that from the JupyterLab terminal.

From the terminal run the below command

tmux attach -t automatic

The output would look somthing like this. Web Stable Diffusion

If you do a 'CTRL + C', the application will stop. You can launch it again using the below command.

cd /home/stable-diffusion-webui/
python --xformers

Use Automatic1111 API

You can use Automatic1111 through API's too. To launch through API, follow the below steps.

tmux kill -t automatic
cd /home/stable-diffusion-webui/
python --xformers --api

Access the API endpoint from the UI. Web Stable Diffusion

Right-click on the instance to get the API endpoint, to access the API.


curl "API_ENDPOINT/sdapi/v1/sd-models"

Learn more about Automatic1111 api here.

Preloaded Models

We have loaded 50+ models for you to start with. You can find the list of models here.


ControlNet is a popular technique, that gives you control over the images generated using StableDiffusion. We have created a guide for you to help with you to understand the various techniques you can use ControlNet in Automatic1111. You can find the guide here.