🤔 FAQs

What is JarvisLabs.ai?

At Jarvislabs, we are working to make AI simpler to use. At the heart of Jarvislabs is frameworks, which combines a set of useful libraries that helps you in exploring, training and deploying models. As AI evolves, we constantly update the platform to bring the latest frameworks and libraries to you in few clicks.

How much time it takes to launch an instance?

Vanilla frameworks like PyTorch, Tensorflow, FastAI, etc. take less than 20 seconds to launch. However, if you are using a custom framework, it might take a little longer as we need to build the docker image, load weights for you.

How to access the machines?

The machines can be accessed through JupyterLab, VSCode and SSH. Specialized frameworks may only have API endpoints to access them.

How to generate ssh key?

You can generate ssh key for your machine by using unix command as


The generated ssh key will be saved in id_rsa.pub file in your root folder. You can display it using

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Please copy and paste that string in Paste your SSH key box in SSH section

How to copy data to the machine?

You can use SCP to copy files from your local to the remote machine.

scp -P portnumber /Users/<name>/Downloads/welcome.zip

How secure is my payment?

We use Stripe to handle our payments. All the card information is handled by stripe a global leader in payment processing. We don't store any card information on our servers.

Where are the servers located?

All the servers are managed in our dedicated data centers in India.

How are the instances charged?

Instances are billed per-minute billing. An instance is charged for the total number of minutes it was used.

What happens to paused instances?

We persist your data. You are charged for the storage at $0.00014 for a GB per hour.

If it is 20 GB, then we charge a 0.0028$ for every hour. We retain the data as long as you have balance in your account.

What happens to running instances if my balance runs out?

When your balance runs out, your running instances get automatically paused. You can also enable us to alert you when your balance is about to run out. You can enable this in the settings page

what happens to weekly/monthly instances once week/month is over?

Your instance will continue running past week/month as long as you have positive balance. The billing will happen on hourly basis but at continued discounted rates.

What if my balance has gone negative?

We retain the data for 24 hours, post that it gets auto-deleted.

Is Mining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency allowed?

Jarvislabs is meant to be used for AI applications. Any kind of Cryptocurrency mining is not allowed on our platform.

Do you offer refunds?

JarvisLabs.ai doesn't provide refunds on the purchases made. If you have any genuine concerns please drop an email to hello@jarvislabs.ai.

Best to way to reach us?

You can drop an email to hello@jarvislabs.ai or chat using the chat option on our platform.

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