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🧬 Stable Diffusion

Jarvislabs Stable Diffusion instance lets users explore stable diffusion model in minutes.

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model that is helping people to create beautiful art with text. Create Stable Diffusion


This a new instance type, we are excited to see what you create. We would love to hear your suggestions/feedback, it will help us improve the instance and add new features.

Create a Stable diffusion instance

Start a instance with framework as Stable Diffusion. Create Stable Diffusion

Access the web UI

The web app, allows anyone to quickly generate images and play with the capabilities of Stable Diffusion model. To access the web app, simply right-click on the the instance and choose API end point to open the web app and start generating cool images|art. Web Stable Diffusion


The web ui could take few seconds to start. If you don't see the web app, please refresh after few seconds.

Run Stable diffusion notebook

You want to explore more, then you can quickly start with the Stable_Diffusion_with_🧨_diffusers.ipynb available in the notebooks folder of the Stable Diffusion isntance.

We have installed the required libraries for you, so you can simply choose the kernel named ldm from the top right corner and start exploring Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion notebook

Special thanks

  • To CompVis, Stability AI and LAION and its collaborators for open sourcing the model.

  • To the amazing team who built the beautiful Gradio app.

We have automated the entire steps, in the Stable Diffusion instance, so that you can focus on image generation without worrying about installations.