👫 Teams

Teams help organisations to add credits, distribute credits to team members and monitor all the running/paused instances at one place.

Getting started with teams

  • Create a team
  • Invite members to join the team by sharing the team id
  • Update team credits
  • Monitor all team running/paused instances
  • Delete the team member
  • Delete the team

Create team

Create a team here with

  • Team name
  • Team description

Once the team is created,the team page looks as below with details of

  • Team id
  • Team name
  • Team description

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Invite team members

To invite the members to join the team, click the team id and share it with them.

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Members can join the team here using the shared team id.

When you are having multiple teams :

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Update team credits

To update the credits of the team, enter the credits in the textbox and use

  • + for adding the credits
  • - for reverting credits

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Monitor Running/Paused instances

From dashboard you can monitor all running/paused instances of your teams. By selecting the member from drop down option, you can access the instances of that particular team member.

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Delete team member

Hit the trash button 🗑️ to delete the member.

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Delete team

By hitting the Delete Team 🗑️ button, the whole team gets deleted and cannot be retrieved.

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Note on Teams

  • Admin can have multiple teams
  • Admin cannot join other team as member
  • Team Members cannot create a team
  • Team Members cannot join multiple teams
  • Team details can not be recovered once deleted