Explore world of Generative AI and LLMs

Join us on a journey of discovery as we learn about the latest models, frameworks, and groundbreaking research in artificial intelligence. Together, we'll discuss the latest advancements that are defining the future of AI

The architecture of mixtral8x7b explained.

Mistral AI's second Large Language Model (LLM) Mixtral8x7b's papers have been released.We will explore the code of Mixtral8x7b, learn how it works, and also why it is called 'Mixtral'.

Apple Ferret a Multimodal LLM

Guide to Apple Ferret model. In this video we learn how Ferret brings unique capabilities to MLLM (Multimodal Large Language model) through 2 concepts called Reference and Grounding.

Exploring the fastest language model vLLM

We will explore the open source inferencing and serving LLM, VLLM. Our founder Vishnu Subramanian will take you through on what is VLLM and also how to use them.

Learn Stable Diffusion webUI - AUTOMATIC1111

A quick introduction to automatic1111, In this video you will learn the basic things about the automatic1111 and how to generate a image by text using automatic1111.