Pricing & Specifications

At jarvislabs you can choose a wide variety of GPU powered instances for your AI model training and deployments.

Email us: hello@jarvislabs.ai

On Demand Instances

On demand instances comes preconfigured with Jupyter Lab, VS Code, SSH access, API endpoint access (Useful for deploying apps like Gradio, Streamlit FastAPI servers etc.)

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Billing is calculated on a per-minute basis.

Bare Metal Server

To reserve the servers mentioned, reach out to us via chat or email at hello@jarvislabs.ai. We're here to help tailor the server resources to your needs.

  • 20TB

    640GB|1.7TB |200


1 GPU/Hour

Trusted by AI Community

  • Neptune
  • Upgrade
  • Zoho
  • Kaggle
  • Carnie
  • Wegit

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Feedback from Our Valued User

Laurent Thevent

Addict to @jarvislabs.ai . Less branded than others on the surface but super simple. Great GPUs (training on 8 x A100s is amazing). This beats Paperspace premium accounts, Colab with custom VMs... I loved RunwayML as well but needed more control and this is my new AI art canvas.

Laurent Thevenet

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