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Nvidia GPU Pricing & Specifications

Upto 3x more GPU compute per dollar, simple & transparent pricing.

Nvidia Ampere GPU

Choose from A100, A6000 and A5000 GPU, provides up to 20X higher performance over the prior generation.

A100 - 40GB732GB$ 1.29/hr$0.79/hr$200/week$835/month
A6000 - 48GB732GB$ 0.99/hr$0.59/hr$155/week$640/month
A5000 - 24GB732GB$ 0.59/hr$0.39/hr$95/week$400/month

Nvidia Quadro GPU

Choose from RTX 6000 and RTX 5000, provides similar performance to an V100 GPU.

RTX 5000 - 16GB732GB$0.49/hr$0.19/hr$75/week$245/month
  • You can choose upto 8 GPU on a single instance.
  • Billing happens per minute.

Spot instances

Instances which are not reserved are called as spot or preemptible instances. You can use spare GPU capacity at discounted prices and save upto 60% cost. You can use these instances for interruptible workloads since these instances wil be auto-paused when demand increases. They are well suited for

  • Learning.
  • When you have implemented checkpoints, and you want to save on costs.

Weekly/Monthly duration

Get upto 5% discounts for weekly usage and upto 10% discounts on monthly usage. Instances that are launched for a week/month cannot be paused or destroyed during that duration. Post the duration, instances will continue at the discounted prices till you choose to pause/destroy.


Storage costs $0.1/GB per month and you can choose upto 500GB per instance.


The actual billing works on per minute basis.

Special pricing

If you are a

  • Student
  • Working for a social cause
  • Building open source tools

Please fill the form, once the profile is verified, we will happy to offer a special discount for you 😊

  • Do not forget to create an account before submitting the form.
  • Discounts are not applicabe for spot instances, cpu powered instances and on storage.
  • Discounts may be stopped/adjusted after certain duration based on the feasibility.