ComfyUI Manager

What is ComfyUI Manager?

ComfyUI-Manager is an extension created to make ComfyUI more user-friendly. It comes with tools to easily add, delete, turn off, or activate different custom nodes in ComfyUI. Additionally, the extension includes a central hub and user-friendly features for accessing a variety of information within ComfyUI.

How to install?

  • Navigate to your instance in
  • Open Jupyter lab
  • Clone the ComfyUI-manager repository
  • Restart the instance

Open and locate your ComfyUI instance.


Open Jupyter Lab

In your Instance you can see multiple icons. Click the Jupyter lab.


From Jupyter lab open terminal. Make sure you are in the /home directory and run the follow commands to navigate to the custom_nodes folder.

cd ComfyUI/custom_nodes

Clone the ComfyUI-Manager Repository

Run this following command to clone ComfyUI-Manager repository.

git clone

Restart your instance

To restart your instance simply pause and resume the instance.

Benefits of ComfyUI-Manager

  • The one major advantage of ComfyUI-Manager is we can update the version of ComfyUI with just few clicks.
  • Using ComfyUI-manager we can install missing custom nodes from any workflow that we load.
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